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NOTICE!  Spring 2024 season registration begins 2/22/2024. Deadline is 3/7/2024. Play will begin the week of 3/18/2024 and ends mid May.

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The purpose of FREEDOM TENNIS is to match players to promote fun, challenge and friendship through a flexible framework of tennis play.

No one under the age of nineteen (19) years of age may participate.


Approximate levels of play are:
   Beginner – 2.5 – 3.0
   Intermediate – 3.5 – 4.0
   Advanced – 4.0 -4.5 – and above

Level of play will be based on the USTA NTRP Rating System, your input, play history, and scheduling needs.

If you are not rated and need help in determining your level, click here or contact FREEDOM TENNIS.


No refunds will be given.

Good sportsmanship and fair play are a must. All disputes and complaints should be communicated to FREEDOM TENNIS in writing within 24 hours of the match. FREEDOM TENNIS reserves the right to deny play to any player in violation of these rules.


If rain interrupts a match and play cannot continue, players must reschedule to finish the match.


Matches will be governed by USTA Rules unless otherwise stated here.

Matches will be the best two out of three sets. A full third set should be played if first two sets are split.

If all parties agree before the beginning of play, a third set 10 point tiebreaker may be played. The winner will report the third set tiebreak score as 1-0.

The Coman Tiebreak will be used in a set tiebreak (first to seven, win by two). Players will exchange ends of the court after the first point and every four points thereafter (so after points one, five, nine, 13, 17, etc.).

Home team supplies unopened can of yellow USTA approved tennis balls. Once a match begins, no coaching may be given.

There will be a 20 minute default rule.

Warm-ups, including serves, should be accomplished before the match begins. If a player is more than 10 minutes late, their warm-up may be forfeited.


A forfeit will be entered as a 6-0, 6-0 win for the non-forfeiting team.

A retired match will result in a win for the non-retiring team. The score will be recorded as played. Box on scorecard to be checked "retired".

For third set tiebreaks there are two options for playing a third set. Before the match begins the option to play should be decided. To score, enter a 1-0 win for either option:

  1. Play a full third set to a two-game advantage win.
  2. Play a 10 point tiebreak third set, to a two-point advantage win.

To determine the winner of a division, the team or player with the greatest number of won matches will be the winner. In case of ties, the following will be compared:


Verify the score with your opponent at the completion of the match. One of the winners shall enter scores at within 24 hours of the completed match. Opponents must report any discrepancy of scores within 48 hours of the completed match. All disputes and complaints should be communicated to FREEDOM TENNIS in writing.


Unresolved disputes will be resolved by FREEDOM TENNIS.

For Doubles, you choose your partner. If you do not have a partner, check with FREEDOM TENNIS for a possible list.

When signing up for doubles, you may play with a partner with a different rating. We recommend that you and your partner be no more than 1.0 apart in NTRP ratings. For competitive placement, we will average the two partners’ ratings and place similar ratings in the same division.


All matches to be played on courts within Greenville County. Location of the match will be at the “Home” team’s choice. Courts may be public or private courts. If there are any fees associated with court use the home team will be responsible for the fees.


The “Home” team is responsible for making initial contact. Please be considerate and contact your opponent early. Contact should be made at least four days prior to the first day of scheduled match play.

Contact can be made by texting or emailing, which also provides documentation, but phoning should also be done if there is no response. This also allows for quick scheduling solutions.

Every effort should be made to play the match within the week scheduled. However, matches may be played out of order as long as all parties consent.

Every effort must be made to make contact by the Home player(s). The “Visitor” player(s) should make contact if they have not heard from “Home”. If a match date cannot be agreed upon, Home Team is to give opponents three (3) dates. If opponents cannot play one of these dates, a forfeit loss may be given to the “Visitors”.

If you have made diligent effort to contact your opponent and still receive no response by Wednesday of the scheduled week of play, please notify FREEDOM TENNIS by email so we have a record of it. A string of your emails, texts and phone dates may be requested for a review. The unreachable party may be in default and take a forfeit.


A match may be rescheduled provided you give your opponent at least 24 hours notice. (You must receive confirmation back from your opponent that they received your rescheduling request.)

If you give your opponent less than 24 hours notice OR need to reschedule more than once, your opponent has the option of rescheduling or recording a win by forfeit.

Please note that contact can be made by texting or emailing, which also provides documentation, but phoning should also be done if there is no response. This also allows for quick rescheduling resolutions.

All matches must be completed by “the final date for all matches to be completed” on your schedule.


For Singles, if you must drop out, a replacement player needs to be found who is at the same level of play or below. Please notify FREEDOM TENNIS as soon as possible.

For Doubles, if you must drop out, a permanent same level replacement player is preferred.


For Singles, substitutes are not allowed.

For Doubles, substitutions are allowed. The substitute must be at the same level or lower than the player they are replacing. If opponents feel the substitute is above level, they can notify FREEDOM TENNIS and submit a challenge against the sub. If ratings and records confirm this, a forfeit will be given to the partnership with the sub.

Two subs cannot play together for a partnership.


Participation in Freedom Tennis acknowledges understanding and agreement of the Rules and full understanding of waiving any right to bring a legal action to assert a claim against Freedom Tennis.